The TischlerAuge Philosophy

Foto: Martin Jacobsen


Traditional craftsmanship


Andree (Auge) is master craftsman (Tischlermeister).

He took all obstacles, which the strict German trade law put up before this degree.Yet he still preserved his natural fascination for the basic materal wood.

In his work he merges the classic techniques of his craft with modern methods, he try also to use less chemical products as possible by surfaces and wood material. Most of the wood he used, is harvested within the right moon period "Mondholz" so you don't have to use any treatment.

Each piece is customised by hand and ready to serve his new owner for decades.




The art of craft


Andree gets new ideas from his surrounding and the forms and solutions of nature.

Being a cabinetmaker since 1991, Andree left home, after completing his apprenticeship with a technical diploma, he worked in carpentries in Germany and southern Europe.

He settled in Portugal/ Algarve.